Image Copyright: Montana Tourism, 2015.

Image Copyright: Montana Tourism, 2015.


Connie and Lars Nielsen spent their life saving lives to buy and run a ranch in picturesque Paradise Valley, Montana.

Now, they are on the brink of realising their dream. They found the perfect place, renovated and await the arrival of their first residents. But life rarely turns out the way we expect it to...

Their son Linus arrives seeking money so he can whisk his girlfriend Stacey to Hollywood to fulfil her dream (or is it a delusion?) of becoming an actress. His request is refused and Linus takes matters into his own hands when he finds a stack of cash that he really shouldn’t steal. The Nielsens are far from a happy family. And that’s before Lars is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour.

Never mind the deal they made to raise a herd of sacred Yellowstone bison with Avonaco, the native American whose land the ranch is on. 

So much for a new beginning.

Linus sets his sights on selling the ranch and cashing in his inheritance the minute Lars passes away. Can Connie keep her dream alive or will Lars’ sudden death rob her of her famous desire to “never give up”?

Salvatore Gattuso is a mob hit man who seeks refuge at the ranch after going on the run with a suitcase full of money that belongs to some people even more dangerous than he is. Connie and Lars have no idea just what kind of trouble has made its way into their lives, but they are about to find out.

Sunil and Reshma Singh arrive from London seeking a new life after winning the Green Card Lottery. They also bring a marriage still recovering from his infidelity. Will their new start finally heal their wounds or will the cracks become permanent?

Alesha Jackson, a young woman working at the ranch is fresh out of prison and desperate to prove she’s more than one of life’s casualties. Unfortunately Linus thinks she’s the perfect person to blame for a stack of cash that’s gone missing.

And finally, Virginia Blanchett arrives with a lifetimes regret etched across her face. Widowed, and practically abandoned by her sons, she pines for a best friend she hasn’t seen in decades. A best friend she’s loved her whole life but never told. Could she find happiness to replace a lifetime’s loneliness? Or is too late to start again? Virginia decides to write a letter to find out.

As the residents settle in, their lives entwine, their hopes, dreams, fears and secrets all play out against the backdrop of one of America’s most beautiful landscapes in the shadow of Yellowstone Park. They're about to find out that life is far from dreamy in Paradise Valley.