Artwork by Justyna Kolodziejcyzk. Copyright  Peacock Films, 2015. All rights reserved. 

Artwork by Justyna Kolodziejcyzk. Copyright  Peacock Films, 2015. All rights reserved. 


Danny and Blue were teenagers when they met. That night they killed a man and skipped town to begin an odyssey that took them from Memphis to Hollywood, from dirt poor to filthy rich, from a pair of strangers to best friends. And then Danny lost his shirt when a movie he produced went down like a lead balloon. Blue took him in and put a roof over his head, but in a drunken rage Danny did something unforgivable. And Blue went to jail for it. 

Now 18 years later, Danny has become Carson Rex, the biggest producer in Hollywood and the last thing he needs is his past coming back to haunt him. But that's exactly what's about to happen. Blue just got out of prison and wants to peel the skin off his face. Carson's already got his hands full with his latest movie. The director is out of control, the superstar actress has what's known as a "drink problem" and the Vegas mob who are financing the whole thing are getting cold feet about their investment. Never mind the secret double life Carson's leading with his glamorous girlfriend. 

As Blue's campaign to destroy him gathers pace, Carson springs a surprise and replaces his superstar actress with an unknown black girl. It's a pretty bold move for 1965. The director calls it suicide. The superstar actress is furious. And the mob decide they want their money back. The movie looks like it's going down the pan as Blue gets closer and closer. The suspense builds as the threat escalates leading to a climax that unfolds like a slow motion car crash. The shocking truth behind Carson and Blue's hatred is revealed, Carson's secrets are exposed and the story ends in devastating tragedy. 

Bursting with the glitz and glamour of 60's Hollywood and driven by a breathtaking betrayal fuelled by power, money and unrequited love, 'If Only You Knew' goes in as a revenge story and comes out as Shakespearean tragedy.